Developer Portal

Let's build something incredible.

Zunia's APIs make it easy for schools to integrate and manage data. Third-party developers can extend and enhance Zunia's capabilities giving schools the tools they need to succeed.

At this stage, our official partnership program is by invite-only, but schools can create and share API keys as necessary.

Getting started

To use any Zunia API, you must first create an API key using your admin privileges. To do this:

  1. In Zunia, go to System configuration > API keys.
  2. Select Generate key.
  3. Select your key type: either ‘standard’ or ‘device’. A ‘standard’ key can be used by several devices and is probably what you want. A ‘device’ key can be used only by a specific device at one time and is not useful outside that device or system.
  4. Enter a name for your key. The name can be descriptive and meaningful for its intended use. For example, ‘Staff Wallboard’, ‘Anne’s Excel Finance Exports’, etc.
  5. Choose whether you want a read-only (‘basic’) key, or you want to allow users of this key to modify data. We recommend read-only keys for most users.
  6. Make a note of your client ID and secret code. You won't be able to retrieve these from Zunia once they've been created. You can also note the QR code, which encodes these values in JSON.
  7. Add your new key to the appropriate permission groups. This allows you to control in detail what data and actions the users of this key will be able to perform. For security reasons, we recommend you give as few permissions as possible when you integrate the APIs.

Once you've got your API key, you're ready to start integrating. Check out the API documentation to get started.

Getting help

If you run into issues, or have a question, contact customer support. Call 1300 4 ZUNIA (1300 498 642) to speak to our Support Team.

At this stage, we only provide support for schools, but watch this space! As our partnership program grows, we'll add more support options.